Unfortunately in these modern times, Individuals are wary of publishing personal details on the web. Consequently, much as we would like to give contact details for you to be able to get in touch, we have our hands tied.
Below you will find a map which we hope is detailed enough for you to find us.
Main flying days are Sundays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 9am till 12 noon. So hopefully you will be enthusiastic enough to come down and meet us. Although most days of the week there could be someone there flying (particularly in the mornings).
Lismore is a city with a population of 50,000 and is situated  30kms inland from Australia's eastern-most point. If you are travelling north along the Pacific Highway, the turn-off to the city is on the left, 8Km before Ballina.
The airfield is on the outer edge of Lismore's south-eastern quadrant. The following map shows the airfield's exact location. If you have a GPS unit or have access to Google Earth, the address is:-
340 Wyrallah Road
New South Wales 2480   (Behind the Richmond River Clay Target Club)
Our facility is in the bottom, right corner of the map. As you drive for approximately 3.3Km along Wyrallah Road from the Lismore City end you will come across the entrance to the Richmond River Clay Target Club on your left. Turn in here and take the gated track to the left of the Clay Target Club; this track takes you to the flying field. If you are a visitor, you will need to be accompanied by a member as the field is combination lock protected.
On holidays? If you are passing through our area, you're welcome to use our airfield and facilities. We fly every day of the week and there are usually pilots at the field who will be happy to help get you into the air.
PS. You will need to show your MAAA membership Card. Unless of course you are a total novice.
Flight procedures & protocol
We fly under certain protocols and restrictions.
These protocols pertain to safety requirements and to the need to be sensitive to the nearby urban environments.
If you are intending to fly from our airfield, please familiarise yourself with them. (Club Bye Laws can be downloaded through the link at the top of this page)
• You may start fuel-powered models after 9am. Electrics and gliders can be flown from dawn onwards. All flying and noisy activities (ie. engine runs etc.) must cease at 5pm.
• Pilots are not to fly their aircraft over the adjoining Clay Target Club, our clubhouse, the car park or the pits area.
• Pilots should stand within the confines of the pilot-box while flying their aircraft.
• Our flying field is close to a large regional airport. Regular public transport aircraft  operate a number of daily flights to Sydney from this airport and these aircraft are often flying a down-wind landing leg over our field. Also with effect from April 2017 the Westpac Rescue Helicopter will also operate from the airport. Accordingly, we fly with a height restriction of 400 feet. Be aware that general aviation aircraft and ultra-lights on their down-wind leg into Lismore airport occasionally pass over our field at less than 500 feet. These aircraft must always be allowed right-of-way.
We use the Silvertone frequency board for pilots using the 36Mhz band. Visiting pilots must be familiar with and use this system as appropriate.